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Comments and replies

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Comments and replies

Oblivion Knight

This is a temporary placeholder for the next "Have you seen...?" feature - however, I thought it useful to perhaps give an insight on when to post a reply, and when to add a comment.

A reply would usually contribute to an existing discussion, possibly using someone's previous post as a quote to build upon an idea or offer an alternate opinion.

A comment is usually more of a "throwaway" post. Something you'd like to say that isn't really conveyed by a reaction, but doesn't add anything new or significant to the discussion, and you would perhaps otherwise be reluctant to post in fear of going off-topic. Please note that you cannot comment on the first post of a thread.

Good examples of comment usage:


Lab rat
This is the only site I've really come across that has such a feature. Admittedly, I initially thought it was a bit unnecessary and just reinventing the wheel, but after thinking about it a bit I can deffo see how it would keep larger threads far more organized - replies can essentially be kept to the parent post rather than being scattered across multiple pages.
Good thinking dude!
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Oblivion Knight
Oblivion Knight commented
I'd never seen the point either personally, but there's been a couple of occasions where I've wanted to post but it felt a bit "spammy". I felt this was a good solution.. :)