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Chit Chat Thread

I've been busy with work since getting a promotion.. They're already wanting me to go for the next level again. There's also been quite the management change already lately - I can't decide whether to stick it out, or potentially expand my network and move to another workstream.. 🧐
So I decided to stick it out and start progressing toward the next level... big mistake! I've just returned having had to take two weeks off due to stress, which started to cause other health issues. In the space of just a couple of months, the confidence I'd built over the last year was rapidly evaporating. Thankfully as of yesterday, I'm on a new workstream. Well, it's not entirely new - it's very similar to what I was doing 18 months ago, so has a nice air of familiarity.

In other news, I got engaged to my partner last month. I'd asked my daughter a short while ago whether she thought I should marry her, which was met with "Yes! Marry her! Marry her!" - We went away for a long weekend at the beginning of August and the timing felt right 😊
Ive been with my partner for nearly 8 years now. I just can't afford to commit. I don't wanna give her a piece of junk as an engagement ring. :hands_over_eyes: I think she's gotten used to the idea of not being married anyway.
My sister is trying to get me hooked up with a girl I was going out with briefly in 2021.
Hey all, hows it going?

Hope you're having a great October!

I am heading to Tesco for my usual iced coffee, but my hands are nipping. The weather is too cold these days.
Yes. It's very cold nowadays, with snow due before the holidays. 🥶

Soon, we will be seeing invisible Hunters in the ice. 🐸 🧊

I'm still around, I'm just.. busy.. with everything! :zombie:

I've settled in well with my new team at work, and occasionally have to travel to Manchester as a result - which isn't so bad. In wedding news, we've chosen and booked a venue as well as a date.. the saving begins!
I don't think any RE games are expected in 2024. Some new title may still get announced. But it's looking like it will be a long wait.
Hey all! Hope you're all doing well.

Tomorrow is New Years Eve! Anyone have any plans to celebrate?


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