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Chit Chat Thread


Hey all, hope everyone is doing well! I am ready for the weekend!
I've had a bit of a crazy few days, to be honest.

All I will say is.. I am so glad that my employer is responsible and that my team at work aren't treated like just a number.

And.. fuck J.D. Wetherspoon. The complete opposite.
Hello peeps! Hows it going? :)

...also Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there.
Hey everyone.

It's super summery in the UK all of a sudden - 20+ degrees C - which is hot for our country.
Hey peeps! Hope you're having a great May. It'll be June already next Thursday! Not looking forward to the super HOT summer weather. It gets way too hot where I am. It's been a little warm lately but we ain't seen nothing yet!

Hi all, hows it going? Hope you're having a great weekend! I hope the week ahead is great for you as well. :D

I haven't been around much over the last month.. 😅

My partner and I went to Majorca for a week in May, I was back (and poorly) for 2 weeks and then had a week in Le Mans at the start of June for the centennial race.

I'm slowly getting back to the grind - I think this has been my first full working week in a while!
I've recently had my birthday, I met up with some people including one friend I hadn't met up with in 8 years! It felt like we'd just seen each other the day before as soon we we met up.
Hey all! Its July already. 2023 is going by too fast. Pretty soon the holidays will be here.

Hi all, hope all the Americans out there had a good 4th of July! The weekend is almost here, two days left. :D
I haven't half made a mess with all my DVDs and Blu-rays. LOL. I've got boxes galore, strewn all over my kitchen and sitting room.

I have nearly every top ten horror film since box office records began in 1922. Although to be honest, a lot of films I watched in recent months, I didn't find very enjoyable. Really boring, in fact.
Today, I was at the nature reserve. My sister rang me and told me that my mum is in hospital after having a seizure. :(
I've been busy with work since getting a promotion.. They're already wanting me to go for the next level again. There's also been quite the management change already lately - I can't decide whether to stick it out, or potentially expand my network and move to another workstream.. 🧐
Hey all! Hope things are going well in your neck of the woods!


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