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Chit Chat Thread


Hakuna Matata
Jul 17, 2022
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Just a place to say hello, good bye, talk about your day, the weather or whatever you like


Hi all, how's it going? :)
I hope all the Americans out there had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday. Did anyone get any good black Friday deals? Cyber monday is coming up too.

Black Friday was such a wet fart this year (for the lack of a better phrase) - I think everybody is getting a bit tired of it and are also becoming more aware that the 'amazing' deals they get on Black Friday are usually just companies trying to clear old inventory and are not great products. And the prices aren't usually that great either.

In fact, I find it quite telling that Amazon don't show you the prices on their 'deals' pages, only a percentage discount. Probably so people can't do a quick comparison.

I didn't get anything gifty across the Black Friday and Cyber Monday stuff (obviously... :thumbsup_face: )
Hi all, now that pesky Monday is out of the way, I hope you all have a great week! :D :)
Happy December 26th! Christmas is over and now its just a few days from 2023! I hope Santa was good to you all. :)
The only deal I picked up during Black Friday was a Christmas present for my daughter that I'd planned on buying anyway, one of those Amazon Fire Kids tablets.. Currently listed at £199.99 (think it was £179.99 in November?), I got one for £129.99 :moneybag_face:

Christmas has been good, I've had the most time off from work around the holidays that I think I've ever had (aside from my school years). I don't go back until Wednesday 4th.. No plans this evening particularly, we'll be lucky to stay awake and see in 2023 I reckon.
Hey all, happy 2023. Hope you had fun last night. First day of the new year here! :D
Another PlayStation platinum trophy scratched off the list this evening.. It's an oldie, but still plays reasonably well.

What to do for my 50th platinum? A survival horror game perhaps? 😉
Hey all, half way through January already! Hope you're having a great weekend. :)
January initially started off pretty quickly, but oh boy has it dragged through the second half! Roll on tomorrow's payday..
Hi everyone, happy February! Happy weekend! Good times. :)
This year is going too fast - I can't believe it is already February. Being the shortest month too, it will soon be March.

My partner and I have had COVID round #2 this week.. Joyous!

No idea where it came from, I initially blamed her work - but everyone else has been fine apparently.
Unlucky... I've thought I've had covid so many times but I always test negative. I seem to catch everything but covid!

Not complaining mind you...
Seeing a woman next week for you know what. LOL. I have been single for a long time, so why not get some relief? 💋

But some escorts are chancers. 😏
I've been doing some general bugfixing and updating to Umbrella Online.. and yeah, you did read that correctly 🤓

I'm not going to get everything done that I wanted to before the weekend is over, but it's progress.

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