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Changes - Mar '21 edition

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Changes - Mar '21 edition

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Oblivion Knight

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Just thought I'd give everyone a quick update to things going on behind the scenes.. Keep the faith, I'm still very much active 😉

  • Discord server - Lack of use
  • Thread attachment viewer (thread list) - Inefficient code, n+1 query behaviour (I'm a stickler for efficiency)
  • VPN/Proxy checking (registration) - Legitimate registrations getting incorrectly flagged by IP checking
  • Conversation folders - More functionality, feels more like an email inbox
  • Referral link moved to 'Share this page' block - Looks cleaner
  • Thread watched icon (thread list) - Now tells you how many replies you have made in a single thread, and links you to them
  • Release date filtering (database) - Filter items first released or broadcast between X-Y
  • Account progress - Another way to familiarise you with basic functionality of Umbrella Online, will not show if you have already completed the steps involved
  • Wallpapers (Media) - I've uploaded a load of Resident Evil 2 (Remake) desktop wallpapers, check them out!
In progress
  • Reviews - A brand new section for users to add their own review of database items, fully integrated with existing discussion threads
  • Wiki - Work is of course ongoing with the Wiki.. Work never ends with the Wiki.. My signature is genuinely a comment in my Wiki code.. Wikiwikiwhaaaa?!
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