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Changes for 2021

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Changes for 2021

Oblivion Knight

Happy New Year everybody! Let's hope it is a better one for us all.. :beer_drink:

I've decided to make a couple of changes for 2021, as things felt as though they didn't quite have a "flow" to them. The Resident Evil forums have been combined and are no longer split by generations. The "game" and "movie" threads now have their own individual forums, which act similar to a database in that they can be sorted in a number of ways including alphabetically (new) - I'll post details on how users can post their own threads in these forums shortly, although it's not particularly difficult.

The Wiki continues to be worked on and improved upon. Navigation should be much easier moving forwards once I've finished updating all of the pages to support a small change that has been made. The index will also be changed shortly to similarly lose the generational splits, and instead feature a timeline.. James continues to do an incredible job with the content, and a couple more games have gone "live" since it was re-launched.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on things you'd like to see implemented, or how to potentially reach out to new members - please shout up!


Lab rat
Good changes, especially with combining the game boards, the index doesn't feel so overwhelming now. Especially since modern software lets you tag posts, theres less need for individual boards.

Looking forward to seeing what else you mad cats manage to come up with, might pop over to the Wiki now and see how that's coming along.