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Capcom has been hacked

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Capcom has been hacked


Staff member
So this news broke at some point today, it's relevant here as Capcom are obviously the creators of Resident Evil - but they announced that they have been hit with a ransomware attack where a possible 350,000 of their users personal information has been compromised, as well as a bunch of their own private and financial information. The actual reporting of the incident began a few days after Capcom first noticed the issue - but until now we've not known just how severe of an attack it was.

Capcom first noticed an issue on the 2nd November. It's not clear what exactly happened, but it's most likely an individual or group calling themselves Ragnar Locker has managed to access Capcom's internal network and has taken files with personal and business information and then encrypted them which is the norm for ransomware. The company has been very open about what has happened, with a press release listing exactly what kind of information got stolen, and how much of it.

So far it looks like Japanese and American customer information has been taken, nothing from any other region. Most alarming is that they managed to obtain information about employees and shareholders and development documents. Some game information has also been leaked as the result of the attack, including information about a Resident Evil Battle Royale game (of course there was gonna be one!) and the release date of Resident Evil Village (April 2021). Around 1TB of data was taken overall.

No card details or anything of that nature was stolen in the attack.

You can read the press release here: http://www.capcom.co.jp/ir/english/news/html/e201116.html
Also, a BBC News Article here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-54958782
And.. info on the Ragnar Locker ransomware here: https://resources.infosecinstitute....orks-and-how-to-prevent-it-malware-spotlight/

Oblivion Knight

Staff member
It's always a good thing that customer financial details aren't at risk.. I hope that Capcom aren't too heavily affected by the hack, and managed to retrieve their data without paying the ransom though. When similar things have happened where movie details get leaked so early, studios have gone to the lengths of starting over.. šŸ˜¬