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Oblivion Knight

As you've probably noticed, I haven't been posting much the last couple of weeks.. I put a bit of something as a status update a few days ago, but I've basically being taking a bit of personal time away from Umbrella Online and other forums whilst I make a couple of life changes (don't worry - it's all good).

I'm going to continue enjoying the nice weather over the weekend while spending a bit of time with friends and family. I hope to return and catch up with things next week before working on some code again.. 🙂 Those who know me will be aware that I'm prone to fluctuating motivation / mood, and I'm just having one of those moments right now after what has been a pretty intense 18 months!


Walking dead
Enjoy the break and enjoy the lovely weather that we are having at the moment. I think we all understand that we sometimes just need a lovely little break, especially from the internet. We promise that we won't misbehave :p

Oblivion Knight

I'm sort of back.. I'm taking my sweet time with the maintenance instead of trying to squeeze it in to a single day 😅

In fairness, you probably won't see much difference - I'm holding off from implementing a few planned changes while I decide whether they're actually the right move or not. I am taking the opportunity to update a number of add-ons to their most recent releases though, and I plan to work on a few UI bugfixes of my own.
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All in good time, no rush whatsoever :)