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Have you guys heard of this? The PS4 classic Bloodborne.. which has yet to have a sequel or any kind of meaningful update to it has been in dire need of a next-gen upgrade. However, no one has asked for a last gen downgrade!

It's called Bloodborne PSX and it's being created by Lilith Walther and it's been in development for years and years intermittently. It's not just a fun video experiment for YouTube either.. it's genuinely a game which will be released at some point. On the other hand, Sony or From Software may come down on them like a ton of bricks if they intend on doing something else with the Bloodborne license...

.. Lets hope not. Because this looks great. A trailer dropped on Halloween for those that are interested.

There's plenty more development footage and other stuff on their channel also.

If we were to look at the game with a critical eye.. Yeah it's not exactly something which would run on a PS1.. I think the lighting and animations (I don't think they did much skeletal animations back in the PS1 days) are a bit too advanced and the 3D resolution is too high (you heard me). But on the other hand the affine texture mapping effect is spot on (That weird warping/zigzagging effect that PS1 games had when stuff got close to the camera) and the UI and gameplay look like something straight out of the old console. It's said to run in Unreal Engine.. which in itself is crazy. The engine was built for the most modern graphical techniques and it's being used for this!

I'm looking forward to trying this.. It's not going to be the full game, just up 'til the first major boss as far as we can tell.