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Best Accent?


Hakuna Matata
Lets debate accents.

Out of all the countries that speak English natively, who has the best accent?

Why is theirs the best? Explain your answer. :D

GIF by Coachella


That's a tough one to answer.. I much prefer distinct voices rather than an accent. For example: Patrick Stewart, James Earl Jones, Sam Elliott, Keith David etc.

What we could talk about is my own accent. It's like.. well-spoken British Mancunian. It sorta dips and dives from easy to understand British to a horrendous northern mess. :daydreaming: I don't sound like I'm in a gang but I can switch it on and off if I like.

I think Canadian English is interesting though. To me, it sounds almost American but then you're thrown off by some different pronunciation. :whistle_with_note:

Oblivion Knight

I've always had a thing for the Irish accent, especially in women. I just think there's something about it :daydreaming:


Hakuna Matata
American (West Coast / California) accent is the best. Why? Because its what I've grown up with, its how I talk and it's what I am used to hearing. :D

We pronounce things the way they should be pronounced. We we don't add extra sounds and syllables that aren't in the word.

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