Anyone heard any news about the next Elder Scrolls?

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Anyone heard any news about the next Elder Scrolls?


Was wondering what the latest intel on the next elder scrolls is. Especially because it will release for the Xbox Series X and PS5. With that said, I'm sure we can already assume it will be much better then ESO which I do not like very much. Elder Scrolls Online is not a very good game in my personal opinion. I do not like it. It was fun at first but the one thing that caused me not to like it is the fact that you are limited to only a handful of attacks and you cannot use your hands or gain different attacks outside of spears or other weapons beyond the set attacks.

A game I still to this day adore with all my heart is The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Which by far is the best elder scrolls that's came out yet. I hope they make it multiplayer like the previous but one thing I am most certain to appreciate is if they give you more freedom on attacks and different ways to use combat. Would be extremely happy if they did.

Let us know any news you've heard.

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I'm not really following the news on the next title too closely as I'm not a fan.. I prefer JRPGs personally.

I dragged myself through Oblivion having turned the difficulty right down, and I also took advantage of some item duplication glitches.. It just wasn't gripping me. I've never played Skyrim and I think unless it goes on sale super cheap I'll probably not bother.


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Skyrim is kinda unavoidable at this point - eventually everyone will have played it on something (it’s like Doom in that way). Even the most basic of PC’s can play it at high detail, and it’s also surprisingly good on the Switch.

Ive played pretty much all versions of it, including in VR. It’s best played on the PC, where it feels most at home.

As far as the next ES game.. All we know is it takes place in Elsewyr, which is a Khajiit homeland. I’ll see what I can dig up!