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🗣️ Community A lesser spotted Update!

Umbrella Online is going to go through a bit of a rebuilding process in 2024. It's clear that the project needs more of a purpose and focus moving forwards..

Discussions are currently ongoing as to exactly what that may entail, but suffice to say that efforts will be more streamlined so that we best serve the community as whole.

Watch this space, changes aren't going to be immediate but rather a gradual process.

Oblivion Knight

Work is currently well underway on the first round of updates I plan on introducing soon™
  • A brand new style
  • A simplified, better integrated Wiki
  • User badges

Whilst I'm itching to share the new style with you all, it's not quite ready yet.. it doesn't play nice with the old Wiki (which is kind of our bread and butter), and will require certain functionalities intended only for the old style to be deactivated - for this reason amongst others, I don't plan keeping it as a selectable option.

A new design is something I've been considering for probably over a year - but have only recently been satisfied with one that I deem to be "worthy" of replacing the existing style.

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