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  1. Lammchen

    Different restrictions but similar outcomes

    The data is showing that although California with it's strong restrictions has similar outcomes concerning Covid as Florida which has had looser restrictions. My friends from Florida don't wear masks, don't social distance and there are always tourists around. Yet people aren't dying in bigger...
  2. Lammchen

    Lights on or off?

    Lights on for me! I don't need to be THAT scared :D I live in the country so when the lights are off it's really dark in my house because there are no city lights to make the sky outside bright.
  3. Lammchen

    Did you like the first film?

    I liked the first film but not until I saw the sequels. Then found myself going back to watch the first because I know I missed things and wanted to check it out again. I like the series as a whole now but only because the actress did a great job of selling her character to us.
  4. Lammchen


    I'm on Parler. That being said I'm not the type of person that the media has said uses Parler except that I'm Conservative. I am not part of some uprising or an instigator. I think that maybe people need to see for themselves what the platform is about instead of trusting what the media says.
  5. Lammchen

    Value of PS2 games?

    I had no idea that the value of PS2 games has gone up! My daughter has a box of them but I forget which ones she used to play. I'm pretty sure they were more for younger kids than adults though.
  6. Lammchen

    Film series reboot

    I don't watch them because they're totally realistic and I do like the cheesiness of them at times :D I guess I got drawn into actually caring what happens and it was curious to see how things became that way in the first place and you begin to wonder if it could be some sort of possibility...
  7. Lammchen

    Hobbies, Interests?

    I love walking and hiking. I live in a hilly area so the trails can be fun to hike on! I like to do anything that deals with arts and crafts and right now I'm making a ton of craft projects to give away as Christmas gifts for family and posting them on my new forum Crafter Craze. That is also...
  8. Lammchen

    Your COVID story

    I wish the antibody testing was accurate! On February 9th I posted on one of my forums (in a private area) "I hope I'm not catching the flu". The symptoms I had were similar to covid with exception of the cough that I never got. The symptoms only lasted 2 days and then I was fine except for...
  9. Lammchen

    Donald Trump tests positive for Coronavirus

    This could turn out to help his campaign since now he can relate to many people but he also can give them encouragement and that is really needed right now. The MSM tries to keep people in fear with their drama of death and sickness but they keep forgetting to talk about the 40% who get the...
  10. Lammchen

    RESIDENT EVIL: Infinite Darkness

    There isn't much to go on in that little clip and I wish it would have more in the way of plot line instead of just showing us a couple characters and that's it. I would probably watch it when it comes out but it's not something I'd pay for. I think having it CGI could make it even gorier than...
  11. Lammchen

    Film series reboot

    A reboot without Milla Jovovitch probably won't be too successful. She is the reason I watched the movies anyway and I was curious to know what happened to her each time. A prequel is interesting but I don't think they'd have enough of a good storyline to hold the attention of the audience. We...