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  1. TopSilver

    The return of MSN Messenger?

    I'd rather wish AIM would make a comeback. I never used MSN messenger but AIM seems to be the best. Was the chat app I grew up with and most people did then it went from that to skype and then to discord.
  2. TopSilver


    The weather is fairly sunny hear and happy it's spring. Ready for Summer to get here as well. Excited.
  3. TopSilver

    Moonlighter. I am speechless at how fun. Pokemon style game for Xbox/PS4/Nintendo

    So here it is. A pokemon style game released a very long time ago. It's sort of a mix between Zelda and also Pokemon. There are no pokemon but the town to town style like Zelda and it's one of the funnest games I've played even though I've only started the beginning. I plan to play it again...
  4. TopSilver

    Has anyone ever heard of Juicy World?

    I had no idea he had passed away. That's actually terrible and something I did not know. His music is amazing so that's quite a shame.
  5. TopSilver

    DMX has died... maybe.

    Odd at generally younger age for most people to pass. Though his music is pretty good. Also wondering why so unsure. Oh well. He had some good music and movies.
  6. TopSilver

    Do you travel a lot or stay home?

    Do you travel a lot or stay home? My little brother is currently living in Switzerland and I don't travel very much to go visit him only because I'm sick but he does stay there and I wish he'd move back home. Would be really interesting traveling to somewhere like England as well.
  7. TopSilver

    Brand loyalty?

    I like the Toshiba brands of laptops because they last far much longer but recently bought an HP laptop computer and it's been an interesting addition to my household. I hope it last long because it's a bit slower then the Toshiba I had but only time will tell.
  8. TopSilver


    Interesting addition to the site. I'm sure with enough time passing by you will definitely get some takers. Good luck with this venture buddy thanks.
  9. TopSilver

    PlayStation Classic

    I haven't bought one but a lot of people are using it and combining it with something called Retroarch and Bleemsync to emulate the platform. Really not very much worth it though.
  10. TopSilver

    Has anyone ever heard of Juicy World?

    This song is really good. Was wondering if anyone has heard of this artist. Makes some really good music.
  11. TopSilver

    How often do you keep up with the news?

    How often do you watch news or keep up with what's going on in the world. Do you read the newspaper? Or do you watch a lot of news. Let us know below.
  12. TopSilver

    Huge number of Bethesda games now on Game Pass

    Interesting that DOOMs on there. That's a very fun game. I'd be interested in seeing the next elder scrolls release though. Would be extremely exciting.
  13. TopSilver

    Streaming/recording gameplay

    I was also thinking about doing this recently as I am very much so enjoying playing Call of Duty a great deal and might wanted to record some of it. Would be fun to setup.
  14. TopSilver

    Final Fantasy - Favourite?

    I would have to say that XV is my favorite. Mainly because Final Fantasy XV is the newest game and it's something I really enjoy.
  15. TopSilver


    Welcome to umbrella online @PGen98 good to have you hear with us :D
  16. TopSilver

    Favorite Hobbies on the Computer?

    What do you do for fun on the computer. Let me hear your top 3 favorite things to do on your PC or laptop. For me my top three are being an admin of my forum and posting on it/running it, my 2nd would be to create html website templates and work on coding those and possibly add-ons which I...
  17. TopSilver

    Favorite Actor?

    Who's your favorite actor of all time? I personally don't watch much TV or Movies so I'm not completely sure who my favorite one is. Which ones your favorite?
  18. TopSilver

    Different restrictions but similar outcomes

    Not exactly sure what the data is showing or why that would apply that Florida is having the worser outcome. Only thing I can say is the vaccine sure will more then likely fix it that's for sure. I know the numbers will drastically lower sometime soon.
  19. TopSilver

    Schools in England returning next week

    I didn't even know schools were out in England. That's interesting. Hopefully it works out for everyone. It's not something I was aware of but I appreciate the share. I know that students in the United States are in school with distancing guidelines.
  20. TopSilver

    Mental health

    You seem to know yourself very well and I like that. I say that because it doesn't appear you have an actual illness from it but you still say it's not near 100%. One thing I've learned about mental health is you don't have to have an illness to be mentally under the weather and a lot of times...