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  1. apathy


    Has anyone heard of this VN before? It's a Switch game that was previously JP only but I think last year they announced it would be getting an English translation, which now seems to be releasing either this month or in April, i think. I don't know a huge amount about this game, I see it called...
  2. apathy

    Haunting Ground

    Continuing on from my Clock Tower 3 thread is this submission for Haunting Ground. A lot of people might not have heard of CT, but Haunting Ground is pretty popular in the suvival horror fanbase. It's a spiritual successor to the CT series but deals with a new setting, story & characters, and...
  3. apathy

    Clock Tower 3

    So this is actually the 4th game in this series, and we're currently lacking entries for the previous installments, but I figured posting this first would make sense as it's (likely) the one people have played (if any). So this is actually one of the most bizarre games I know. The original...
  4. apathy

    Shin Megami Tensei

    Has anybody else here played these games before? They're a JRPG franchise by Atlus that's been going since the 80s, but it's only beginning to gain Western attention through the Persona sub-series. There are many entries and sub-series within this franchise and they often bring their own ideas...
  5. apathy

    What are your most used apps?

    Title, what are the apps/programs you find yourself using the most? In my case: -- Firefox -- Steam -- urxvt -- bash -- Spotify
  6. apathy


    Anyone else here a fan of these games? They started on the PS2 and at first glance probably just look like a GTA rip-off, but they're far less sandbox-y and the crime dramas within the stories are often far more intensely told than what you'd see in a GTA. Then, you have the completely absurd...
  7. apathy

    Forbidden Siren

    Has anyone played these games before? I've yet to do so myself but I've been looking into them a fair bit lately. The team behind the games is the same guy that directed the original PS1 Silent Hill. They seem to be more stealth focused than Silent Hill however, and provide you with a mechanic...
  8. apathy

    Hey everyone

    Hey everyone I'm apathy. I also wasn't around for the old site though it's always great to see websites coming back from the dead :D Used to love the RE films when I was a kid and I've played a good couple of the games, with RE2 Remake being my current favorite. Nice to meet you all!