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  1. apathy

    What are you listening to?

  2. apathy

    Moonlighter. I am speechless at how fun. Pokemon style game for Xbox/PS4/Nintendo

    I've not played it yet, but I have had it in my wishlist for quite a while. The art looks pretty comfy and yeah I deffo do get a bit of a Zelda vibe from it, at least from the screenshots.
  3. apathy


    Pretty all over the place, it'll be sunny one minute and snowing the next. Overall it's still been quite nice, but the wind can still be quite cold. 8c right now
  4. apathy

    Last film you watched?

    Caught the first half of "Do the Right Thing" a couple weeks ago. Seemed like a pretty good movie overall, but I only ever watch things at friends houses so I dont always get to catch the end :v
  5. apathy

    DMX has died... maybe.

    Yeah the reporting on this was kinda all over the place, a total shame to hear he really did die though. I had been meaning to try get into his tunes for a while now so I guess I have my excuse to finally start
  6. apathy

    What are you playing?

    More Gnosia, and a bit of Civ V last night. First time I played in years and I was having a match against one of my mates but the damn thing kept crashing and then when I rejoined it wouldn't let me do anything, so gotta figure that out cos it's a savage game otherwise
  7. apathy

    Spinny Disks (HDDs)

    Yeah I've had the pleasure of being the one who's successfully recommended SSD's to several people, including my Dad and Grandmother, who were both completely astonished the difference it can make. I've not dabbled with nVMEs or anything like that though, I'd love to throw one into this PC just...
  8. apathy

    Official: PS3 / Vita PSN storefronts to close

    Well it was bound to happen eventually. I did see a thread on Twitter of an indie dev complaining this happened right when his Vita came was supposed to come out, and Sony just kinda shut the stores down without informing him ahead of time (or at all, actually), so that's pretty lousy if true.
  9. apathy

    What are you listening to?

    Liquid funk is a pretty solid genre, I'm not super into how pronounced the actual drum loops do be because there's never a lot of variation with it, but all those atmospheric pads and whatnot are always lovely
  10. apathy


    Yeah I'd be pretty much the same, Easter was never a super big deal in our house outside of it being chocolate day. My Dad always says, "Jesus came back from the dead on Easter so he could get his eggs!" Personally, I dont think I know anyone who would value it greater than that, though I'm sure...
  11. apathy


    Been cracking weather lately, I don't think I've even seen a cloud this week let alone any rain. Just a shame we're still in lockdown lol. 13c as of right now.
  12. apathy

    Wrong Turn

    Yeah I've seen this, have it on DVD as well. Not sure if I've seen any of it's sequels... It would better be compared to something like "The Hills Have Eyes" as it's more or less about backpackers being stalked by mutant mountainmen. Pretty decent film from what I remember, I saw it maybe a...
  13. apathy

    What are you listening to?

    Never thought I'd find myself listening to disco but here we are. I've found a good couple disco tunes lately (mostly 80s stuff) and it's all gone down a treat with the sunny weather we've had the last few days.
  14. apathy

    Shaun of the Dead

    Totally agree this would be one of my favorite films. My Uncle used to love zombie films and this is one we'd always watch when he'd fly over to visit us. I remember being about 9 years old when this was in the cinema and was absolutely gutted when it was 18's and I couldn't see it in the...
  15. apathy

    The return of MSN Messenger?

    MSN & Windows Live were both beast, though thinking of how all the young ones would have different .gif's for each letter and how their final message would end up looking like a calling card makes me feel like its probably better left in the past :v I did use Skype for a while but it was before...
  16. apathy

    What are you playing?

    Taking a break from NS2 now that I've gotten my T5 badge back, so I've just been playing more of Gnosia. I thought it was good to begin with but I'm enjoying it a good bit more now that exposition is happening more often.
  17. apathy

    Favorite Hobbies on the Computer?

    Top 3 things I'd do on the computer would be play games, work on my site and look for new music, in that order. Sometimes I like to mess around with the OS as well, I used to be big into customizing my desktop but not so much nowadays as I'm never arsed looking for new wallpapers
  18. apathy


    I've played a couple hours of this now so I'm able to share a bit more info on what it is "Gnos" are alien creatures who are able to infect humans, and human infectees are called "Gnosia". The game is set on a space ship that's stuck in a time loop, and some of the crew are Gnosia. The crew...
  19. apathy

    How often do you keep up with the news?

    Eh not that often. I used to keep up with it more but for the most part it's just kind of a waste of time IMO, in 99% of cases it's not like I'll be able to do anything about what I'm reading so you just sit there miserable for no good reason lol