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  1. Oblivion Knight

    Lucky or Unlucky?

    Some people are generally quite lucky - I don't consider myself to be one of them.. Jobs Back in the day I'd been successful at interview for a job - then the recession hit and there was no longer a job available. I've been made redundant x4 times (twice from the same company) I worked a...
  2. Oblivion Knight

    Modded Consoles?

    I slightly altered my PS2 slim setup to play backups from my PC via Ethernet.. It's the best way to do so, hardly any stuttering. Otherwise my setup hasn't changed. I haven't had the time or money..
  3. Oblivion Knight

    Happy Birthday, pal 🙂

    Happy Birthday, pal 🙂
  4. Oblivion Knight

    So.. my car got hit whilst parked last night. Isn't it time I had some GOOD luck for once?

    So.. my car got hit whilst parked last night. Isn't it time I had some GOOD luck for once?
  5. Oblivion Knight


  6. Oblivion Knight

    📰 News  Next-gen Upgrades released for Resident Evil 2, 3, and 7

    Upgrades with "visual enhancements" for these titles were announced back in March for the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, and sure enough Capcom have now delivered. What's more - if you own the PS4 / Xbox One versions of these titles - the upgrades are completely free, however the PS Plus offering of...
  7. Oblivion Knight

    Higurashi When They Cry

    Never has horror looked so.. cutesy! 👀 I've never heard or seen of the series before, but if it's horror - it can stay.
  8. Oblivion Knight

    Chrono Trigger

    I've always wanted to play through it since my first experience with Final Fantasy VII, Squaresoft, and JRPGs. I've had it on the PlayStation for several years via Final Fantasy Chronicles (US only) and have gone as far as booting it up a few times, but have never really fully committed to it...
  9. Oblivion Knight

    Alice: Madness Returns

    I haven't played too much of this game yet, but the trailer was enough to pique my interest when it first released. Looking forward to playing through it at some point.. :)
  10. Oblivion Knight

    Any foods you WONT eat?

    I won't eat Shark meat for moral reasons (and it's actually pretty dangerous to do so). I can't stand Liver.. it makes me gip 🤢
  11. Oblivion Knight

    Last-gen backlog challenge

    So for multiple reasons, my previous efforts were pretty abysmal. I'm hereby making a statement that I will now be trying to do better, and finish as many PS3 games as I can in the coming months.. There have been multiple games with "silent" server shutdowns recently, which have served as a...
  12. Oblivion Knight

    Idle / Clicker games?

    I tend to avoid them like the plague, PlayStation is practically flooded with them at the moment and they're nothing more than a cash cow for easy platinum trophies.. Each to their own, but.. really? Why does this rubbish qualify for a platinum, when there's more deserving games that don't have...
  13. Resident Evil 4 - State of Play June 2022 Announcement Trailer | PS5 Games

    Resident Evil 4 - State of Play June 2022 Announcement Trailer | PS5 Games

    Cheat death and thrill in conquer. Survival horror reimagined for 2023.
  14. Oblivion Knight

    📰 News Mega Drive Mini 2 on the way

    I saw something about a rumoured Saturn or Dreamcast Mini.. I'm guessing now that SEGA have announced this, those rumours can unfortunately be put to bed for now.
  15. Oblivion Knight

    Doing some random baking.. what is this witchcraft? 🧁

    Doing some random baking.. what is this witchcraft? 🧁
  16. Oblivion Knight

    or COVID.. again :zombie:

    or COVID.. again :zombie:
  17. Oblivion Knight

    I'm not dead yet

    Ok my absence isn't quite that dramatic, and I thought I'd post about it as an update to this entry rather than as a new one entirely. I won't deny that the relaunch of Umbrella Online hasn't been as successful as I would have liked, and I'm happy to accept at least partial blame for that. My...
  18. Oblivion Knight

    The classic disappearing act...!

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your pet - it's amazing how much they affect us. As you'll be aware, we're going through a quiet spell anyway. I'll try to post some kind of blog update myself as time permits.