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  1. Nebulous

    Environmental Protection

    Where do you stand?
  2. Nebulous

    Add a word to the dictionary

    If you could add a word to the dictionary what would you add and what would it mean?
  3. Nebulous


    Do you think it's fair for employers to mandate uniforms if their employees have to pay for them? Why or why to? Do you like wearing a uniform?
  4. Nebulous

    Gone past expiry?

    Do you ever eat food that has gone past the eat-by / expiry date? Ever gotten sick from that or were you fine every time? How long past the expiry date would you eat food?
  5. Nebulous

    Why doesn’t everybody enjoy reading?

    Why doesn’t everybody enjoy reading? What can be done to help people change their minds? Is it something you need to grow up with? instill reading from day 1?
  6. Nebulous


    Have you ever consumed cannabis? What are the different ways of consuming cannabis? Why do people use cannabis? What does your country think about cannabis? What should happen to people who drive under its influence?
  7. Nebulous

    Censoring content

    If you're an admin do you use word censors on your forums? Do you like them? Are they necessary? What words do you think should or shouldn't be censored?
  8. Nebulous

    Smartest thing that someone can do with their money?

    What is the smartest thing that someone can do with their money?
  9. Nebulous

    Best Accent?

    Lets debate accents. Out of all the countries that speak English natively, who has the best accent? Why is theirs the best? Explain your answer. :D
  10. Nebulous


    What do you know about Antarctica? What do you think is interesting about this place? Would you like to spend six months working in Antarctica, doing research and whatnot?
  11. Nebulous

    Last time you tried something new?

    When was the last time you tried something new? What was it? How was that experience?
  12. Nebulous

    Intermittent fasting

    Intermittent fasting refers to not eating during a part of the day on a regular basis. For example, eating only between 1pm and 8pm, and then not eating for the rest of the day and night. What could be the benefits of doing this?
  13. Nebulous

    Do you worry about global warming?

    Do you worry about global warming? How serious are the earth's environmental problems?
  14. Nebulous

    The hero or the villain?

    When you read (or used to read) comic book, who is more interesting the hero or the villain? Why did you choose who you chose?
  15. Nebulous

    Christmas movies?

    Do you enjoy Christmas movies? What's your favorite Christmas themed movie?
  16. Nebulous

    Christmas songs?

    Do you enjoy Christmas songs? Which is your favorite?
  17. Nebulous

    Chit Chat Thread

    Just a place to say hello, good bye, talk about your day, the weather or whatever you like Hi all, how's it going? :)
  18. Nebulous

    How do you feel about surgery?

    How do you feel about surgery? Would you consider having surgery that isn't completely necessary, like plastic surgery?
  19. Nebulous

    legal minimum age for buying alcohol

    What is the legal minimum age for buying alcohol in your country? Do you think it is too high or too low? How old should someone be before consuming alcohol.
  20. Nebulous

    Basic survival & safety

    What simple or basic survival techniques/safety procedures should every person know? You know, just in case a disaster happens or if someone is stranded alone somewhere.
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