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  1. apathy

    What are you listening to?

  2. apathy

    Smart homes

    I only have a couple of smart devices (outside my phone) Philips hue lights Philips hue plugs Govee lights (cheaper alternative to philips hue) LG air conditioner the Hue plugs have a bunch of other non-Hue lights plugged into them (like fairy lights), i have them all bound to a bash script so...
  3. apathy

    What's your go-to relaxing drink?

    Also a vote for coffee, or sometimes those Innocent smoothies are massive too
  4. apathy

    Browser extensions

    BetterRYM Makes adding releases to rateyourmusic way easier, adds some other QoL changes Enhancer for Youtube QoL changes for Youtube like a cinema mode New Tab Override Allows me to set a custom homepage when I open a new tab Reddit Enhancement Suite QoL changes for reddit (though im...
  5. apathy


    I used to smoke it every day but in the last year for the most part I've cut it down to something I'd only smoke on the weekends when I'm off work. Drinking/smoking at home on the weekend is pretty normal to do in Ireland, but ultimately I'm not good at managing extreme emotions so if I'm going...
  6. apathy

    Why doesn’t everybody enjoy reading?

    I like reading but my attention span doesn't really allow for it, I just end up reading them line-by-line rather than taking in the overall narration if that makes sense. Ultimately I just never know whats going on so its kinda a waste of my time lol
  7. apathy


    Only really worked with my Dad before so I've no idea what the suss is with uniforms & other jobs but that actually sounds shite expecting you to pay if its mandated. Maybe asking to put down a deposit in case you wreck them is fair but outright paying is a bit eh...
  8. apathy

    What are you playing?

    Pretty much just Persona 3 Reload since it came out Been a bit distracted while playing it but overall I can tell its really really good. Not digging some of the newer versions of the songs on the soundtrack but overall its still good. As usual the artstyle is top notch (though it does seem...
  9. apathy

    Been a while since I've checked in - hope we've all been doing well!

    Been a while since I've checked in - hope we've all been doing well!
  10. apathy

    PC users, what keyboard?

    Corsair K70 RGB with MX reds - not tried out any other color switches so idk how they feel in comparison to the reds, but I like the feel of these either way
  11. apathy

    Last film you watched?

    The Snapper, an Irish classic part of the Barrytown trilogy, I'd seen the Van and the Commitments but never the Snapper.
  12. apathy

    Hi everyone

    Welcome to UO Leonel! Nice to see more people signing up, hope you stick around!
  13. apathy

    Your first Resident Evil experience?

    Yeah I've never actually played the GC version! Right now I only own it on Steam, planning on getting the Remake soon enough though it looks rapid!
  14. apathy

    Your first Resident Evil experience?

    Did i actually vote "other (specify)" god knows when and then just not specify D: Better late than never, my first Resi was 4 on the Wii - I got the little gun-handle attachment thingy for the Wiimote/nunchuck and had great craic, I think I played it 17-18 times in the space of a year and a...
  15. apathy

    Where are you from?

    Ireland! Its a dump but we're our own special breed of weird, wouldn't wanna live anywhere else tbh
  16. apathy

    Parasite Eve

    Wonder why that might be, I thought the first first one at least would be popular enough for a remake.. but at the same time I can't think of many people I know who've played it :o
  17. apathy

    Chit Chat Thread

    Aw man the good weather the last week or twos such a good mood lifter, hope all yiz here are doing well and have a good Easter!
  18. apathy

    Resident Evil 4 Remake is available now.

    Not picked it up just yet but definitely planning to, RE2 Remake was one of the last games I really enjoyed, and the original release of 4 is a belter too.
  19. apathy

    What are you playing?

    as a game itself yeah I think youre right Hogwarts is just another AAA open-world game but with a HP skin - its kinda what I felt like I was playing when I played the original 2 games back when I was six years old or so though, so even if these big budget open-world games really couldn't be...
  20. apathy

    Chit Chat Thread

    Picked up 2 new goodies over the week - a new turntable an a pro-ject vinyl vacuum. It took me a while to get the turntable set up properly cos linux' audio stack is a convoluted mess but it's all good now, looking forward getting these damn records digitized to MP3 already
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