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  1. MChapp1867

    US Presidential Election

    Generally not a fan of facism, so I’m hoping for a Biden win. It looks like he will get it too, short of any bullshit.
  2. MChapp1867

    Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

    RE6 is the most a game has ever needed an editor.. and in an industry where Hideo Kojima exists and operates, that’s quite something. I’m convinced there is a good co-op action game buried somewhere within RE6. After cutting out 2/3 of the content and heavily refining what’s left..
  3. MChapp1867

    Alien: Isolation

    One of my favourite games of all time. It’s so good. I love the Alien IP anyway and this is just so faithful to the source. The one criticism of Isolation that I think holds some weight is that it is marginally too long and outstays it’s welcome a little by the time you get to the back third...
  4. MChapp1867

    Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

    RE7 is the only mainline RE game I didn’t buy at release - such was my disdain for RE6. Seriously, RE6 is horse shit and near enough killed my interest in the series. It took a month or two of convincing from opinions I trust before I gave RE7 a shot. RE7 brought that right back. It definitely...
  5. MChapp1867

    Gaming Update

    I definitely remember spending far too much time staring at most of those. Thanks for sharing! I don’t recall that last one either. GU was always green to me. Apart from that time it got hacked and turned red..
  6. MChapp1867

    Hi again!

    Absolutely agree. Posting here reminds me of settling in until 3am pottering around between forums, MSN and Unreal Tournament, with nothing but a bag of wine gums and Dr Pepper to keep me going.. Dave/Amiga is DEFINITELY someone I’d love to see. There’s a name I’ve not heard for so long.
  7. MChapp1867

    Next-Generation Consoles

    PS5 for me. I thought I was happy skipping the launch of both systems this time, but when I discovered a friend had a spare pre-order (partly placed in anticipation of me changing my mind!) I couldn’t resist. I’ve been Day 1 for every PlayStation console so far, so it was naive to think I’d get...
  8. MChapp1867

    Hi again!

    Hi all. Alerted to Umbrella Online via a Twitter follow and happy to be here :) Used to post on previous iterations of the site as well as Gaming Update. I recognise a couple of usernames here already - and I always find it amazing to see names and faces from so long ago “meet” again. You’ll...
  9. MChapp1867

    Online Dating

    Met my wife through Tinder. She’s incredible but it can feel like an arduous process. I went through a period of actively using Tinder, deleting it, reinstalling it and deleting it again for about 18 months before finally getting somewhere. A few total dud dates in there too!
  10. MChapp1867

    A trip down memory lane

    I’ve been going through some major waves of nostalgia for late 90’s/early 00’s internet lately, Umbrella Online included! Definitely remember some of the images here!
  11. MChapp1867

    Gaming Update

    I keep trying to find any trace of Gaming Update but it seems super hard to find anything of it. I suppose “Gaming Update” is a super vague and nebulous thing to type into a search engine. Anyone got anything of GU still hanging around?
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