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  1. Oblivion Knight

    Stellar Blade

    Feel free, I have no issues about it so long as it's contributing to discussion 🙂 I'll add it to the DB shortly and give you posting credit again.
  2. Oblivion Knight

    Oooooh.... Nice lookin' redesign!

    Thank you Carlos, it's not perfect but I'm still ironing things out. It's taken much less development time than the previous style to get it to where it is 🙂
  3. Oblivion Knight

    Why doesn’t everybody enjoy reading?

    I keep thinking about trying an e-reader, but I currently don't read enough to justify the purchase.. Vicious circle 😅
  4. Oblivion Knight

    Chit Chat Thread

    Seems to be working fine for me.. 🤷‍♂️ There was an issue with the old Wiki, which is why it is being replaced.
  5. Oblivion Knight

    I'm going away for a few days.. think I've earnt it 😎

    I'm going away for a few days.. think I've earnt it 😎
  6. Oblivion Knight

    The Resident Evil / Director's Cut locations didn't need re-doing (again).. but I'm doing them...

    The Resident Evil / Director's Cut locations didn't need re-doing (again).. but I'm doing them anyway 😏
  7. Oblivion Knight

    Chit Chat Thread

    We had quite a restful Easter break, it was much needed.. 🙂 I also have next week off work owing to the second week of the school holidays, and looking after my daughter. Happy days!
  8. Oblivion Knight

    ⏳ Pending  Wiki transition progress

    Current transition progress to the new Wiki.. Any games not noted are at 0% The vast majority of the content will be posted under @jamesyfx - since he wrote it! I'm just re-designing.. 😅 Resident Evil 4 (Remake) - |||||||||| 30% Resident Evil 3: Nemesis - |||||||||| 50% Resident Evil 2 -...
  9. Oblivion Knight

    Smart homes

    I added an Alexa to my original post, I kinda forgot about that irritating woman.. (it's not even funny how much she ignores me sometimes! 😛) I'm much the same with mobile phones.. I've been sporting my Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro for over 3 years now. I did look at potential upgrades in the previous...
  10. Oblivion Knight

    🗣️ Community A lesser spotted Update!

    The new version of the Wiki is now live, and is loading much faster. Work is ongoing to update and transfer the content. I've started with and have finished transitioning a couple of the older games to give us an idea of how things work; https://umbrella-online.co.uk/threads/resident-evil.101/...
  11. Oblivion Knight

    HD remaster of Resident Evil (Remake) a visual downgrade?

    Ok, certainly not for the game in its entirety - but Capcom purportedly lost some assets for the game during the time between the original release and the HD remaster and had to re-create them from scratch.. In this scene for example, look at the mirror and the bird cage.. It makes you wonder...
  12. Oblivion Knight


    Season 3 is thankfully coming... there's no release date as yet, though it's widely expected to be Summer 2024. https://www.dexerto.com/tv-movies/from-season-3-release-date-trailer-cast-plot-2194323/ For those who haven't seen the first two seasons yet, I highly recommend it.
  13. Oblivion Knight

    Smart homes

    It feels like home technology has reached, or is surpassing the infamous 'future' scene from the film Back to the Future Part II. We can control lights, heating, and even security with the touch of a button on a mobile app, or voice control. Have you invested into 'smart' technology? I must...
  14. Oblivion Knight

    Submit your gaming hints

    Two years later, I finally got around to adding these.. 😅 Though in fairness I think you have access to do it..
  15. Green Room

    Title: Green Room Tagline: One way in. No way out. Genre: Horror,Crime,Thriller Director: Jeremy Saulnier Cast: Anton Yelchin,Imogen Poots,Alia Shawkat,Joe Cole,Callum Turner,Mark Webber,Eric Edelstein,Macon Blair,Kai Lennox,Patrick Stewart,David W. Thompson,Michael Draper,Andy...
  16. Salem's Lot

    Title: Salem's Lot Genre: Mystery Cast: David Soul,James Mason,Lance Kerwin,Bonnie Bedelia,Lew Ayres,Julie Cobb,Elisha Cook Jr.,George Dzundza,Ed Flanders,Clarissa Kaye-Mason,Geoffrey Lewis,Barney McFadden,Kenneth McMillan,Fred Willard,Marie Windsor,Reggie Nalder,Barbara Babcock,Bonnie...
  17. Ouija

    Title: Ouija Tagline: Keep telling yourself it's just a game. Genre: Horror Director: Stiles White Cast: Olivia Cooke,Ana Coto,Matthew Settle,Shelley Hennig,Daren Kagasoff,Bianca A. Santos,Douglas Smith,Robyn Lively,Sierra Huermann,Lin Shaye,Claudia Katz Minnick,Afra Sophia...
  18. Happy Death Day

    Title: Happy Death Day Tagline: Get up. Live your day. Get killed. Again. Genre: Horror,Mystery,Comedy,Thriller Director: Christopher Landon Cast: Jessica Rothe,Israel Broussard,Ruby Modine,Rachel Matthews,Billy Slaughter,Charles Aitken,Jimmy Gonzales,Jason Bayle,Rob Mello,Phi...
  19. Oblivion Knight

    🗣️ Community A lesser spotted Update!

    The new style has been live for 3 weeks now, and I'm very pleased with how things are looking. Work is ongoing with the Wiki, I'm currently redoing all of the Resident Evil 2 (1998) locations before moving on to finishing the transition of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (where the locations also want...
  20. Oblivion Knight

    What's your go-to relaxing drink?

    Coffee, and I probably drink too much of the stuff.. :coffee_drinker: I do genuinely struggle to function without it at times though!
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