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  1. Kale

    Night Trap

    Now this is a game that feels like Five Nights at Freddy's before that was a thing. It's been a hot second since i played this, but it is neat.
  2. Kale


    Quite an interesting game series too! I love watching youtubers/streamers reactions more than playing myself. It's a 'lost phone' game where you have to find clues and hints on how to go about moving forward.
  3. Kale

    The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel - Decisive Edition

    This is a game series I just got into recently. If you are not into anime and whatnot, this game series may not be for you. It is super 'anime' with the tropes at times. I am liking the story the best and enjoy the combat.
  4. Kale

    OverBlood 2

    I had to watch somebody play this one online. This was a weird sequel to the original, but it seemed okay for the time it was released.
  5. Kale

    Hello, Kale here

    Hello all, Kale here! I am new to the forum and this forum looks neat. I like the theme and design of this! I am from the USA in the state of IL. I am into gaming too such as RPGs, ARPGs, and so many more genres.