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  1. jamesyfx

    Resident Evil 2 - Items

  2. jamesyfx

    Resident Evil 2 - Locations

    Locations City Area 1 City Area 2 Police Station 1F Police Station 2F & Police Station 3F Police Station B1 Sewage Disposal & Sewers Vacant Factory B1 & Vacant Factory 1F Laboratory B1, Laboratory B2 & Laboratory B3 Laboratory B4, Laboratory B5 & Laboratory B6
  3. jamesyfx

    Resident Evil 2 - Creatures

    Creatures Cop Car Zombie Licker Zombie Naked Zombie Zombie Dog Crow Cockroach Giant Spider G-Type Young G-Type Adult Giant Alligator Giant Moth Plant 43 (Ivy) Evolved Licker G T-103 Tyrant T-103 Super Tyrant
  4. jamesyfx

    Resident Evil 2 - Characters

    Characters Leon S. Kennedy Claire Redfield Ada Wong Sherry Birkin Marvin Branagh Robert Kendo Ben Bertolucci Brian Irons Annette Birkin William Birkin HUNK Tofu Elliot Edward George Scott Truck Driver Katherine Warren
  5. jamesyfx

    Resident Evil / Director's Cut - Items

    Items Weapons Ammo Recovery Key Items Memos and Other
  6. jamesyfx

    I have some Resident Evil PC Keys to give out

    So we were gonna do this as a prize, but since the uptake wasn't too good on that... I'll just give them out to whoever asks for them, as they are beginning to get stale. :haa_haa: 1 key per person. First come, first serve. Just reply to this thread and I'll PM. The majority of them are via...
  7. jamesyfx

    The last gaming purchase you regretted

    Either a console, accessory, game or subscription. My most regretful purchase recently was Starfield. I bought the deluxe edition on Steam just so that I could play it a week early. And while that WAS a good week - that's all. After a week, I saw through the cracks and I'd had enough of it. And...
  8. jamesyfx

    Resident Evil / Director's Cut - Locations

    Locations Mansion 1F Mansion 2F Mansion B1 Courtyard Guardhouse 1F Guardhouse B1 Underground Laboratory B1 & Laboratory B2 Laboratory B3 & Laboratory B4
  9. jamesyfx

    Resident Evil / Director's Cut - Creatures

    Creatures Zombie Turning Zombie Cerberus Chimera Crow Monster Plant Snake Bee Hunter α Tick Plant 42 Neptune Web Spinner Black Tiger Spider Yawn T-002 (Tyrant)
  10. jamesyfx

    Resident Evil / Director's Cut - Characters

    Characters Albert Wesker Barry Burton Chris Redfield Jill Valentine Joseph Frost Rebecca Chambers Richard Aiken Forest Speyer Kenneth Sullivan Enrico Marini
  11. jamesyfx

    Silent Hill 2 - Something seems off...

    I've recently watched a gameplay/combat trailer for the upcoming Silent Hill 2 Remake, and I dunno... You can tell that they're going for the Resident Evil 2/3/4 Remake kinda feel, but something definitely seems off about it. Maybe it's just that - it seems to be copying that formula, but it...
  12. jamesyfx

    Alan Wake II

    Probably my favourite game of the moment. It ties in everything from Remedy. Lots of Max Payne, Control and (obviously) references to Alan Wake 1 and its DLC. The game is technically amazing, cosmetically beautiful and extremely interesting to navigate. The actual 'game' part of it (shooting...
  13. jamesyfx

    ✔️ Completed  TheGamesDB integration broken?

    Just tried to add a new page in the Survival Horror forum, it gave an API error. This might just be because something is down temporarily.. or it may be broken on this side. Just reporting!
  14. jamesyfx

    RE6 is just the worst.. isn't it?

    I've not really thought about RE6 for a good while.. until recently, a co-worker told me that their favourite game series is Resident Evil. And I'm like.. Oo! LET'S TALK! He's played all of the more recent games in the series, and played RE5 with his partner.. they thoroughly enjoyed it. And...
  15. jamesyfx

    Quake 2 has had a remaster

    If you've owned the original Quake 2 game on Steam, you already own it. It just got updated with the new version automatically. It's not a remake, but it's been modernised and all the different versions of Quake 2 have been transformed into one cohesive package. So all of the mission packs and...
  16. jamesyfx

    Baldur's Gate 3

    This is like the hottest thing right now, and its been a long time coming. I know it doesn't fit our.. theme, but I've been playing a lot of it. It's crazy just how many iterations of play the developers thought of when constructing this game. It must be one of the most complex, 'background...
  17. jamesyfx

    Vampire Survivors

    Vampire Survivors is a top-down, 2D roguelite with a really simple gameplay loop. Avoid getting killed by waves and waves of enemies while your character automatically attacks. You earn experience by collecting gems from your fallen enemies and you use those to earn and upgrade your abilities...
  18. jamesyfx


    Does anyone here use Reddit? They're in the spotlight at the moment because (long story short) they're going to start charging a fee for using their API if your script uses more than 100 API requests. So basically anything that uses Reddit data to function.. will have to be paid for now. Unless...
  19. jamesyfx

    The Worst game ever

    The Lord of the Rings: Gollum has been in the gaming news a lot lately, being cited as one of the worst games of all time. Redfall is also another game which was recently released - which came out in a state so bad that the developer was forced to apologise for it. I don't think its fair to say...
  20. jamesyfx

    Do you like hot weather?

    It seems like people generally enjoy clear skies and boiling heat... It is associated with 'good' weather. I personally hate it when its hot. I find it really hard to stay cool but when its the other way around, its a lot easier to stay warm when its cold. So yeah... I prefer cold weather...