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  1. EvilResource

    Gone past expiry?

    I generally wouldn't risk it with certain items like meat, although a quick sniff test is always worth doing, sometimes things go off before the listed use by date. But overall I think the dates on items are overly cautious, and in reality things are perfectly fine a few days after the so called...
  2. EvilResource


    I'm of a similar opinion to @jamesyfx , I see the benefits. But unfortunately I have had experience with a lot of people who completely misuse it and spent a very large proportion of their adolescence in darkened rooms with a gathering of likeminded plebs, getting stoned out their brains all...
  3. EvilResource

    To me, Resident Evil now just feels like any big series...

    Care to elaborate? What have Capcom improved/fixed when it comes to the remakes other than graphics and gameplay? REmake - added more background on the Trevor's and their relationship to the Spencer Mansion. RE2 Remake - ? RE3 Remake - ? RE4 Remake - ? Aside from them looking pretty and...
  4. EvilResource

    Getting Old

    Sorry to hear about your health, hope things improve for you soon! About 10 years ago I did my back in from hoovering the floor, which feels on par with how you crippled yourself. Ever since then, every few months or so, it flairs up and I'm in agony for a day or two, then it subsides and I'm...
  5. EvilResource

    Resident Evil 4 Remake is available now.

    Oh wow! This is great, thanks for visiting the site now and back then 😄 16 years ago, it really doesn't feel like that long ago. I have toyed with making a forum, but I do wonder how utilised it would be. I shall ponder it some more 🙂 thanks for the suggestion.
  6. EvilResource

    Resident Evil 4 Remake is available now.

    There's quite an active Discord presence for RE, so there's always that. But I do miss the traditional discussion forum, it feels more organized. I'm loving this forum, it's nicely set up with a good categorisation of topics. The trouble with Discord is it's so easy for your voice to be lost in...
  7. EvilResource

    PC users, what keyboard?

    I'm quite particular about my keyboards. They should be a full keyboard, minimal number of combined keys. Having the function keys are a must as I use them quite regularly. But I'm not at all fussed about custom shortcuts and media keys, although I quite like having a volume control on the...
  8. EvilResource

    Supposedly, Paul Anderson is making a new movie...

    I'm hoping against hope that this will finally be a worthy Resident Evil movie, based on the games (ideally the S.D. Perry novelisations of the games). Obviously those hopes are somewhat dashed with the supposed involvement of Paul Anderson. I honestly don't think it would be too hard to make...
  9. EvilResource

    🗣️ Community [UPDATE] Light Style returns!

    I remember doing something similar for a Flash website years ago (I'm revealing my age here). Based on the current time of day it would switch from a daytime theme to a nighttime theme. And because it was Flash it wasn't just a CSS swap, I had to load a completely different set of animations. I...
  10. EvilResource


    I used to very infrequently go to a casino with my friends, just for fun, not with the aim of making ourselves rich. I'd always set a quota (say £50) and if I lost it then I've spent that amount on a good night out, so no issue. If I broke-even then I've had a free night of entertainment. And if...
  11. EvilResource

    Resident Evil has ruined other games because….

    I'm with you on all of those. I'm a proper hoarder when it comes to any games, probably rooted from playing Resident Evil. This means I inevitably face the final boss of a game with a whole arsenal of high-powered weaponry, and only end up using a small fraction of it on the boss. And the use of...
  12. EvilResource

    🗣️ Community [UPDATE] Light Style returns!

    Nicely done! The light theme is really good.
  13. EvilResource

    Chit Chat Thread

    @jamesyfx Crikey, yeah that sounds a bit heavy for a first job! @Oblivion Knight Congratulations! Nicely done :)
  14. EvilResource

    Chit Chat Thread

    Ah cool. I nearly became a civil servant a few years back, got a job at DWP but had to turn down their offer in the end as I got a better opportunity elsewhere. I've done stints as a contractor at both HMRC and DWP in the past and I loved the working environment. I may well end up reapplying in...
  15. EvilResource

    Most recent death?

    @jamesyfx the exact same thing happened to me. It was the bridge that exits the clock tower in the castle. I do like the loading screens giving you tips. Most recent death (before RE4 Remake) was probably when I was replaying the RE7 End of Zoe DLC. Those alligators got me good on the Joe Must...
  16. EvilResource

    Chit Chat Thread

    @Oblivion Knight what is it you do work-wise, if you don't mind me asking?
  17. EvilResource

    Hey there

    Thank you so much 😊 Well back in the day there were so many Resident Evil sites and I didn't want to tread on anyone's toes, so I had to come up with an angle that no-one seemed to be using yet. I found that no-one was documenting the actual granular details of quantities and volumes of...
  18. EvilResource

    Resident Evil 4 (Remake)

    RE4 remake is a masterpiece. I'm still reeling over how good it is! For me this game probably comes as my new favourite Resident Evil game, and the best of the remakes, followed closely by Resident Evil Remake then Resident Evil 2 Remake.
  19. EvilResource

    Your first Resident Evil experience?

    My first RE experience was the first one. I had a small games shop in the town I grew up in and they'd have various consoles set up so shoppers could play games if they wished. It was the go-to place after school. Anyways one day they had a PlayStation set up with Resident Evil, and this was not...
  20. EvilResource

    Hey there

    Oh wow, thanks! I feel honoured 😀 I'll be sure to check out the forums and partake in the discussions. Hobbies are the best, I always encourage people to have a good hobby. My hobby is also my job, which is software development (primarily web development but I dabble in other things too). So...