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  1. Oblivion Knight

    I really need to get back in to the series

    Confession time. At the time of writing, Resident Evil Zero was the last title in the series that I actually finished. I've played the original Resident Evil 4, as well as Resident Evil 5 in parts - but haven't actually finished a playthrough of them yet.. and as for the later releases, nope -...
  2. Oblivion Knight

    🗣️ Community  A lesser spotted Update!

    Umbrella Online is going to go through a bit of a rebuilding process in 2024. It's clear that the project needs more of a purpose and focus moving forwards.. Discussions are currently ongoing as to exactly what that may entail, but suffice to say that efforts will be more streamlined so that we...
  3. Oblivion Knight

    Dawn of Fear

    Might be a weird time to be posting about this game, since it's just been delisted out of the blue.. It's not had the best of reviews, but it appears to look and play similar to the original Resident Evil game.
  4. Oblivion Knight

    Dead Rising 2

    I haven't gotten around to playing the sequel yet.. how does it compare to the original?
  5. Five Nights at Freddy's

    Title: Five Nights at Freddy's Tagline: Can you survive five nights? Genre: Horror,Mystery Director: Emma Tammi Cast: Josh Hutcherson,Piper Rubio,Elizabeth Lail,Matthew Lillard,Mary Stuart Masterson,Kat Conner Sterling,David Lind,Christian Stokes,Joseph Poliquin,Grant Feely,Asher...
  6. Oblivion Knight

    📰 News  Become monstrous in Venture To The Vile

    The Vile is taking over, morphing everything it touches into something ghastly and unrecognizable… New independent studio Cut to Bits today announced their debut game Venture To The Vile, a story-focused metroidvania, set in a playful, yet sinister world. Founded by industry veterans with a...
  7. Oblivion Knight

    📰 News  Daymare 1994: Sandcastle Debuts New Gameplay Demo

    The demo revealed alongside August 30, 2023 launch for PC and consoles Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle, the third-person story-driven survival horror game prequel to the critically acclaimed Daymare: 1998, invites players on a new adventure with a new gameplay demo available on Thursday, May 11, 2023...
  8. War of the Worlds

    Title: War of the Worlds Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy,Drama Creator: Howard Overman Cast: Léa Drucker,Gabriel Byrne,Elizabeth McGovern,Natasha Little,Daisy Edgar-Jones,Stéphane Caillard,Guillaume Gouix,Molly Windsor First aired: Oct 28, 2019 Last air date: Sep 26, 2022 Overview...
  9. Oblivion Knight

    📰 News  Cult classic multiplayer horror Last Year re-animates on Steam today

    Undaunted Games acquires project from defunct developer Elastic Games, gives it back to the community as a free title The rumors are true: newborn indie games studio Undaunted Games is happy to announce the resurrection of Last Year - the asynchronous survival horror game that previously...
  10. Oblivion Knight


    Anyone else heard of this Doom-clone "well-known for its copious amounts of gore and numerous stylistic and cultural references to literary and cinematic horror works"? Nope, me neither. I'm certainly intrigued to look it up though! 😅
  11. The Devil Conspiracy

    Title: The Devil Conspiracy Tagline: The war of angels has come to earth. Genre: Horror,Thriller Director: Nathan Frankowski Cast: Alice Orr-Ewing,Joe Doyle,Eveline Hall,Peter Mensah,Joe Anderson,Brian Caspe,Spencer Wilding,James Faulkner,Victoria Chilap,Wendy Rosas,Natalia...
  12. Evil Dead Rise

    Title: Evil Dead Rise Tagline: Mommy loves you to death. Genre: Horror,Thriller Director: Lee Cronin Cast: Lily Sullivan,Alyssa Sutherland,Morgan Davies,Gabrielle Echols,Nell Fisher,Anna-Maree Thomas,Mirabai Pease,Richard Crouchley,Jayden Daniels,Mark Mitchinson,Tai Wano,Billy...
  13. Westworld

    Title: Westworld Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy,Western Creator: Jonathan Nolan,Lisa Joy Cast: Evan Rachel Wood,Thandiwe Newton,Jeffrey Wright,Tessa Thompson,Aaron Paul,James Marsden,Angela Sarafyan,Ed Harris,Luke Hemsworth First aired: Oct 2, 2016 Last air date: Aug 14, 2022...
  14. Oblivion Knight

    Resident Evil 9 Rumours/Leaks

    Please note that I have not watched this, as I am really behind with the series and need to seriously catch-up.. 😝 The original source of these latest rumours/leaks isn't overly reliable (4Chan), but.. who knows!
  15. Manifest

    Title: Manifest Genre: Drama,Mystery,Sci-Fi & Fantasy Creator: Jeff Rake Cast: Melissa Roxburgh,Josh Dallas,Ty Doran,Matt Long,Holly Taylor,Parveen Kaur,Daryl Edwards,J.R. Ramirez,Luna Blaise First aired: Sep 24, 2018 Last air date: Nov 4, 2022 Overview: After landing from a...
  16. Oblivion Knight

    📰 News  Little Nightmares Franchise Tops 12 Million Units Sold

    Bandai Namco Europe announced today, on the sixth anniversary of Little Nightmares' release, that its homegrown franchise has reached more than 12 million units sold. The franchise has seen several games being released, starting with Little Nightmares, produced by Bandai Namco Europe and...
  17. Oblivion Knight

    🗣️ Community  Connected Accounts

    If you have registered using a connected account and are using one to login, please make sure that you complete your profile and provide a valid email address and/or password for your account. Unfortunately these services often cause more problems than they actually help to solve. They require...
  18. Oblivion Knight

    📰 News  Tindalos and Focus Launch Aliens: Dark Descent Pre-Orders with a Gripping Trailer

    Today, Focus Entertainment and Tindalos Interactive, in collaboration with 20th Century Games, are launching digital and retail pre-orders for Aliens: Dark Descent with a thrilling new trailer. The strategic, real-time, squad-based tactical action game set in the iconic Alien franchise will be...
  19. Oblivion Knight

    📰 News  Evil Dead: The Game – Game of the Year Edition Is Now Available on Steam, Epic Games Store, PlayStation and Xbox

    Save big on the action-packed multiplayer game and six DLC sets, including the new "Who's Your Daddy" bundle inspired by "Ash vs Evil Dead" Saber Interactive and Boss Team Games have released Evil Dead: The Game – Game of the Year Edition, available today on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox...
  20. Shutter Island

    Title: Shutter Island Tagline: Some places never let you go. Genre: Drama,Thriller,Mystery Director: Martin Scorsese Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio,Mark Ruffalo,Ben Kingsley,Michelle Williams,Emily Mortimer,Patricia Clarkson,Max von Sydow,Jackie Earle Haley,John Carroll Lynch,Ted...