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  1. jamesyfx

    Gone past expiry?

    I tend to just use stuff until I can visibly see (or small) a problem with it. Unless it has a use by date, then I'll throw it regardless.
  2. jamesyfx

    Come back anytime!

    Come back anytime!
  3. jamesyfx

    Dead Rising 2

    I played it when it came out and I didn't really get along with it. Dead Rising as a series has been one of those 'Just okay' franchises.
  4. jamesyfx

    In space, Capcom can hear you scream!

    Hmm, I think a space themed spin-off might be good. Lets think. It turns out Umbrella launched some of their most dangerous samples into orbit on a super secret lab so they stay out of unwanted hands. Unfortunately some hapless NASA or SpaceX teams stumble upon it as its now pretty wrecked...
  5. jamesyfx

    Has Chris turned bad?

    I thought it was a bit forced how they initially represented how bad Chris was in the intro for Village. He could have been a bit clearer about everything. The reveal was a bit pants. :thumbsup_face:
  6. jamesyfx

    ✔️ Completed  TheGamesDB integration broken?

    Just tried to add a new page in the Survival Horror forum, it gave an API error. This might just be because something is down temporarily.. or it may be broken on this side. Just reporting!
  7. jamesyfx

    Looking forward to Alan Wake 2. Saw the announcement for Spider Man 2 as well... But I just...

    Looking forward to Alan Wake 2. Saw the announcement for Spider Man 2 as well... But I just.. don't care. I'm burned out on Marvel.
  8. jamesyfx

    RE6 is just the worst.. isn't it?

    I've not really thought about RE6 for a good while.. until recently, a co-worker told me that their favourite game series is Resident Evil. And I'm like.. Oo! LET'S TALK! He's played all of the more recent games in the series, and played RE5 with his partner.. they thoroughly enjoyed it. And...
  9. jamesyfx

    Chit Chat Thread

    Ive been with my partner for nearly 8 years now. I just can't afford to commit. I don't wanna give her a piece of junk as an engagement ring. :hands_over_eyes: I think she's gotten used to the idea of not being married anyway.
  10. jamesyfx

    Separate Ways

    I had to decide whether to get Separate Ways or Mortal Kombat 1 this week. ... MK1 got my purchase. Sorry Ada! I'll get Separate Ways next month!
  11. jamesyfx

    Wesker's current voice actor ain't that great!

    I prefer the (now) old-school weird internationally accented Wesker from RE5. I just don't picture him sounding like an American in my head for some reason. Even tho he should be.
  12. jamesyfx

    There's too many video games coming out!

    There's too many video games coming out!
  13. jamesyfx

    My mother passed away...

    I'm sorry to hear that. :(
  14. jamesyfx


    I don't use it. I know there are genuine medical reasons why it could be a good thing - but I'm an old fashioned guy.. I don't see any point in doing anything like that recreationally. If you need a substance to relax, you're not relaxing right.
  15. jamesyfx

    Quake 2 has had a remaster

    If you've owned the original Quake 2 game on Steam, you already own it. It just got updated with the new version automatically. It's not a remake, but it's been modernised and all the different versions of Quake 2 have been transformed into one cohesive package. So all of the mission packs and...
  16. jamesyfx

    The Resident Evil 2 remake is apparently the best selling RE game now...

    I really enjoyed all of the recent Resident Evil content. I still think that the REmake is the greatest thing they have produced. Even the Gamecube original stands up as a super high quality product. RE4 Remake is great but I've beaten it twice and now I don't think I wanna return to it any...
  17. jamesyfx

    Baldur's Gate 3

    This is like the hottest thing right now, and its been a long time coming. I know it doesn't fit our.. theme, but I've been playing a lot of it. It's crazy just how many iterations of play the developers thought of when constructing this game. It must be one of the most complex, 'background...
  18. jamesyfx

    Does anyone actually prefer Silent Hill to Resident Evil?

    Hmm. I think as a concept Silent Hill is definitely more in the horror and suspense realm, but Resident Evil games play better. I like both!
  19. jamesyfx

    Vampire Survivors

    Vampire Survivors is a top-down, 2D roguelite with a really simple gameplay loop. Avoid getting killed by waves and waves of enemies while your character automatically attacks. You earn experience by collecting gems from your fallen enemies and you use those to earn and upgrade your abilities...
  20. jamesyfx

    To me, Resident Evil now just feels like any big series...

    I think perhaps one of the faults with the series is that Capcom tried to make a single thread run through everything. It's so big now with all these releases that you're gonna end up have things contradict, mismatch and repeat. Maybe they should just bite the bullet and create something which...