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  1. Oblivion Knight

    Dawn of Fear

    Might be a weird time to be posting about this game, since it's just been delisted out of the blue.. It's not had the best of reviews, but it appears to look and play similar to the original Resident Evil game.
  2. Oblivion Knight

    Chit Chat Thread

    I'm still around, I'm just.. busy.. with everything! :zombie: I've settled in well with my new team at work, and occasionally have to travel to Manchester as a result - which isn't so bad. In wedding news, we've chosen and booked a venue as well as a date.. the saving begins!
  3. Oblivion Knight

    Dead Rising 2

    I haven't gotten around to playing the sequel yet.. how does it compare to the original?
  4. Five Nights at Freddy's

    Title: Five Nights at Freddy's Tagline: Can you survive five nights? Genre: Horror,Mystery Director: Emma Tammi Cast: Josh Hutcherson,Piper Rubio,Elizabeth Lail,Matthew Lillard,Mary Stuart Masterson,Kat Conner Sterling,David Lind,Christian Stokes,Joseph Poliquin,Grant Feely,Asher...
  5. Oblivion Knight

    ✔️ Completed TheGamesDB integration broken?

    Thanks James, I'll look into it. --EDIT-- I can replicate but not sure of the reason for the issue.. It's possible there's a security feature of our config getting in the way - either that or we could have been IP banned for some unknown reason 🤔 --EDIT 2-- Seems to be fixed now @jamesyfx -...
  6. Oblivion Knight

    My mother passed away...

    Very sorry to hear, taking some personal time is never a bad thing. Especially in such difficult circumstances.
  7. Oblivion Knight

    Chit Chat Thread

    So I decided to stick it out and start progressing toward the next level... big mistake! I've just returned having had to take two weeks off due to stress, which started to cause other health issues. In the space of just a couple of months, the confidence I'd built over the last year was rapidly...
  8. Oblivion Knight

    O hai ther.. 😶‍🌫️

    O hai ther.. 😶‍🌫️
  9. Oblivion Knight

    Quake 2 has had a remaster

    ..and the PlayStation trophies are disappointingly easy in comparison with the first game, you essentially get the platinum by just playing through it on any difficulty 😒
  10. Oblivion Knight

    Chit Chat Thread

    I've been busy with work since getting a promotion.. They're already wanting me to go for the next level again. There's also been quite the management change already lately - I can't decide whether to stick it out, or potentially expand my network and move to another workstream.. 🧐
  11. Oblivion Knight

    Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

    Decided to start this as part of getting a few of the older games in my backlog done.. Dread to think what I'm getting myself into 😂
  12. Oblivion Knight

    What are you playing?

    I've just started playing inFamous (PS3) again.. It's a game I've never really invested any time into previously, heck - I didn't properly get into PS3 gaming until 2015/6 since I was heavily invested in the Xbox 360 prior to that.. It reminds me a little of Crackdown (Xbox 360) which I...
  13. Oblivion Knight


    It's happening! It's finally happening..! 😁 ..I won't have an excuse not to organise some streaming anymore 😅
  14. Oblivion Knight

    Resident Evil (Remake)

    I recently managed my first no-save run, albeit on Very Easy.. I was initially a bit gutted to be over the 5 hour mark, but then realised that I wouldn't have unlocked the bonus for being under anyway - since that needs to be done on Normal or higher. My next playthrough will likely be an...
  15. Oblivion Knight

    Chit Chat Thread

    I haven't been around much over the last month.. 😅 My partner and I went to Majorca for a week in May, I was back (and poorly) for 2 weeks and then had a week in Le Mans at the start of June for the centennial race. I'm slowly getting back to the grind - I think this has been my first full...
  16. Oblivion Knight


    I've never really seen the fascination with Reddit, I've used it a couple of times when a thread has come up in Google search results - it feels generally unorganised, but maybe that's just me being an old-fashioned forum die-hard 🤭 I did hear about the new pricing structure for API usage...
  17. Oblivion Knight

    Do you like hot weather?

    I don't mind hot weather, and of course you go on holiday hoping for it. ..but when you've had it for a number of days already, and you're having to work, cook, and other "normal" things - it gets a bit much 🥵
  18. Oblivion Knight

    I've been full of cold and feeling rotten all week.. be back soon 🤧

    I've been full of cold and feeling rotten all week.. be back soon 🤧
  19. Oblivion Knight

    A bit of holiday reading... 😎

    A bit of holiday reading... 😎
  20. Oblivion Knight

    I'm away on a long overdue holiday for 1 week from tomorrow morning.. ✈️🏝️

    I'm away on a long overdue holiday for 1 week from tomorrow morning.. ✈️🏝️