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  1. Lee

    ✔️ Implemented  Small suggestion RE: Buttons.

    Super small suggestion, but a little bugbear of mine. Below the text editor, the Attach Files button is red, but the Post reply or Post thread button is dark blue. My eye always focuses on the red button after I have typed my message and sometimes I hit it by mistake. Might be nice to reverse...
  2. Lee

    ✔️ Implemented  Testing offloaded uploads

    Testing the offloaded uploads
  3. Lee

    COVID Christmas

  4. Lee

    ✔️ Implemented  A place to discuss resident evil on the screen.

    I think with the release of the two new netflix series and existing movie franchise a dedicated forum to discuss these might be useful. I think you could probably use the new series as a good source of traffic going forward:)
  5. Lee

    Resident Evil 1.5

    I'd forgotten about this beautiful thing.
  6. Lee

    ✔️ Implemented  Push Notifications

    Any chance push notifications can be enabled please? I will forgot to check back if I do not get updates, because my brain has been emulsified by small children (my children! :D) If they are enabled already, I don't get the prompt to enable them for some reason.
  7. Lee

    Nice to be here!

    Hey, nice to be here. This is by far my favourite franchise, I love everything from the games to the movies. :D