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Oblivion Knight

Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 - Complete Soundtrack OST

00:00 Outbreak File 2 Opening
03:27 Welcome to Raccoon City
04:15 Desperate Times
10:12 Nerve Gas
13:10 The Police Stations Basement
15:58 Undead Siege
16:46 Where Lions Tread
20:16 titan
22:24 Cabin in the Mists
23:37 Through the Forest
28:06 Abandoned Hospital
31:16 Dorothy
32:25 Vines and Bricks Falling Apart
34:15 Sewer Airshaft
38:00 Somewhere I
41:51 elimination
44:46 The Torment of Time
45:26 bite
47:28 Somewhere II
49:33 Umbrella's Metal Hallways
53:16 The Brutal Mr.X
55:48 Underneath the City Streets
58:46 The Plague Cometh
1:00:21 Somewhere III
1:03:20 Run Like the Linda
1:04:38 Tyrant Transformed
1:06:16 Nyx
1:09:58 The Big Picture
1:13:27 Outbreak File 2 Credits

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