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Frequently asked questions


What is a referral?
A referral is a person who you have referred (invited) to join our community.
What is a referral link?
A referral link is a URL to our community that contains your unique member ID, this can be used to invite others to register. Send the referral link to your friends, and should they choose to register they will automatically become your referral(s).
How does the referring process work?
When someone visits us via your referral link, a cookie containing your unique member ID will be placed in to the visitor's browser. When that visitor registers they automatically become your referral.
Why should I refer people?
You are helping the community to grow, and by doing so making it a more fun place to be. You will also receive a small token of thanks in the form of bonus trophy points, for each referral you make who posts 5 messages or more.


How is the site funded?
Our community is fully funded by its owner, Oblivion Knight, as a hobby project.
Are there likely to be adverts added?
No. Not unless operational costs become unaffordable, at which point this will be discussed with the community.
Are there any "premium" membership options?
No, all features of the site are open to everyone.
Do you accept donations?
Donations are not actively pursued, but if you would like to donate please feel free to Contact us.